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Scott Bader

Digital Transformation Leader 

Accomplished hands on IT Thought Leader whose greatest strength is thinking as a solutions architect while executing like an operational director,  transforming strategic programs / projects into workable solutions.

Specializing in Service Delivery with a keen focus on the asset management process responsible for ensuring that the assets required to deliver services are properly controlled, and that accurate and reliable information about those assets are available when and where it is needed.


Bringing visibility into the IT stack for real time configuration, availability and health of the enterprise, while creating key performance indicators and metrics that matter.

Successful transformation requires more than a strategy and technology. It happens when great vision and execution come together across the organization.


That’s why I am excited to bring my experience with Servicenow and a best practices approach, to realize success.

I bring expertise across enterprise functions, industries, to accelerate your outcomes.


Let’s achieve exceptional outcomes together!


My Leadership


Leadership is a privilege and an honor, but it is also a tremendous responsibility that I take very seriously.

I am a leader who tries to listens well, motivate and inspire. I will provide strategic vision and direction. I like to lead by example and empower the people around me to be successful. I will try and understand your needs and consider my actions and how they will impact you.

I operate on four key principles at work and in life:

  • Be impeccable with your word

  • Do not take anything personally

  • Do not make assumptions

  • Always be prepared to give 110%


I have an open door policy and expect there to be healthy conversations around tasks at hand with technical details. I like to ask a lot of questions so be prepared. I need to feel comfortable that we are on the same page as we are working together towards our goals. I will always try and coach you during situations to foster your growth.



CDI LLC Elite Servicenow Partner - Solutions Architect ITSM - ITAM - ITOM

Key Responsibilities:

  • ServiceNow Solutions Architect – Guiding clients to produce organizational value from their ServiceNow implementations, with a focus on IT Service Management, IT Asset Management and IT Operation Management

  • Helping our clients solve their most critical business challenges, improve performance and gain a competitive edge

  • Analyze and translate business information and technical requirements into an architectural blueprint to achieve complex business objectives

  • Facilitating workshops or meetings to gather requirements, presenting, and validating solutions and test the interpretation of the client’s needs

  • Produce a detailed functional design document to match customer requirements

  • Serves as an active contributor of leading practices, standards, and thought leadership related to the ServiceNow platform

  • Understanding and having experience in driving process optimization, efficiencies and productivity using automation

(New York, New Jersey) March 2021 to Present

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