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This Charter establishes a Configuration Control Board (CCB) to oversee and direct actions and changes to the Configuration Management Plan and all related configuration management activities.

The goal of the CCB is to effectively manage configuration management efforts to improve the effectiveness and responsiveness of ’s information technology infrastructures to better enable ’s business efforts in alignment with corporate goals.

General objectives of the CCB are to:

• Ensure the Configuration Management Plan is in alignment with IT initiatives • Oversee deviations and waivers to the Configuration Management Plan

• Provide leadership, managerial oversight, and decision making process to ensure effective configuration management activities

• Review, approve and prioritize changes to the Configuration Management Plan in order to ensure effective deployment of resources

• Promote and encourage interactions with other relevant processes, such as architecture, security, project management, business continuity planning / disaster recovery, internal audits, etc., to improve communication, coordination and cooperation

Ensure continuity of the Configuration Management Plan. The guiding principles of the CCB are:

• Serve as example of best practices for ’s IT groups

• Adherence to, and fully support of corporate initiatives, such as information security, privacy, regulatory audits, production assurance, etc.

• Provide for the transparency of configuration management activities

• Make decisions that are consistent with reducing key-person dependencies throughout ’s IT areas

• Assist in maturing ’s employees, processes and tools to improve long-term business performance

• Act on requests for changes, deviations and waivers within established timeframes

• Make decisions and recommendations that are cost-effective, justified and have engaged other appropriate areas.

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